Who we are?

Premium Boxes, we are manufacturing premium customized packaging solutions for our clients for over a decade now. We are Illinois based packaging and printing solutions manufacturers who provide top-notch quality of packages. We produce packages of all sizes and shapes with remarkable printing patterns. We are the packaging manufacturers who have a vision for saving the natural environment of the planet by promoting organic and eco-friendly packaging. Our commitment to the protection of the natural environment and providing our customers with high-quality packages make us prominent among others.

What do we do?

We serve our clients with high standards of quality for the manufacturing of different types of boxes. The boxes that we make perfectly cater to the requirements of all industries including products and services. The sectors that we are fulfilling the needs of with our packaging solutions include food, cosmetics, electronics, garments & apparel, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, courier & mailing services, and gift manufacturing industry, to name a few. We produce packages considering the trends prevailing in a certain industry that can present goods and services in the market properly.

Our approach to customers' satisfaction

We believe in customers' satisfaction to a minimum of 100 percent level in any way be it the quality of our products, customers support, giving preference to the clients' choices, and giving an equal level of importance to each one of our clients. Each one of our crew members is trained with the primary principle of serving the clients at their best. Premium Boxes, our approach towards dealing with clients is unique as we treat them as the most valuable asset of ours instead of just another customer.

Our approach to safety

To make sure the delivery of 100 percent output, we at Premium Boxes have set some safety standards that are a must to follow by each one of our employees. We have designed these rules considering the international safety standards for the packaging industry. These rules are not only about the safety of the employees but also for different types of packaging solutions being made for different types of industries. Following these rules strictly, we make it possible to produce high-quality packages with zero harm.

Our approach to sustainability

Sustainability of the packaging solutions is trendy debate around the world and we, at Premium Boxes, being the responsible provider of packaging and printing solutions pay attention to it. We have included it in our mission statement to replace non-sustainable packages with sustainable and promote this culture through every possible platform. This is the least we can contribute to ensuring the protection of the natural environment as the packaging waste has been identified as one of the biggest causes of climate change in the world.

Designing is our forte

At Premium Boxes, we have a dedicated team for the designing of the packaging products. Our skilled and professional designing team provides free design support to our customers in matters related to the design of the boxes that they want to get for their manufactured goods. It does not matter if you have an already designed pattern and you want to make alterations in it or you want to get a completely new pattern designed from the scratch, we are here to help you in either case.

3D mock-ups and future re-runs

We believe in 100 percent of customers' satisfaction and that is why we do not start manufacturing the packaging solutions until the design is approved by the clients. We provide a free 3D mock-up of design to the customers so that they can examine it and let us know if there are any changes required. Moreover, once your design is confirmed you can get special discounts on its re-runs in the future. In this way, you can save a lot of your time and money easily.

Special discounts & savings

Premium Boxes, we facilitate our clients with several discounts and offers through which they can save a lot of their money and time. There are no extra or hidden charges for availing the die-cut and plate customizations. All the customizations are completely free of cost. Not only that but also we offer special discounts on bulk orders which means the bigger the order is, the bigger the chances of getting discounts. This is an ideal situation for those who want to get customized boxes in a wholesale quantity.

Superior printing

Printing is an essential part of packaging solutions as it gives them the appearance that makes them able to compete with rival products of the same kind. Considering its importance we at Premium Boxes offer high-quality printing to our clients. We do the printing using the advanced offset printing technique which ensures excellence and accuracy in printing and at the same time saves time as well. Other than printing, we also offer exciting finishing options to enhance the safety and attractiveness of the packages.

We communicate, we collaborate

We at Premium Boxes understand the importance of communication in a business and that is why we never let our clients feel left alone. From getting a quotation to the delivery of the packaging solutions successfully at the doorstep of clients, we stay in touch with them at each step and keep them updated about the current status of their consignment if they ask for it. Moreover, we also collaborate with our clients for several things such as designing, sizing and shaping the packaging solutions for their products. 

Business Essentials

Premium Boxes does not only fulfill the packaging and printing necessities of the manufacturing and services industries but also of the other business essentials that include business cards, business card boxes, archive boxes, document folders, and folder printing. All these, as well as other products, are called business essentials as they are an integral part of every business and no office can be run without it. We understand that as a matter of fact and manufacture all these essential items with high accuracy and consideration.

Similar to the customized packages, the business essentials are also completely customizable. Their size, shape, printing style, finishing type, and the material used for their manufacturing can be personalized according to the requirements of the business. We understand that every trade has different types of requirements in order to stay prominent among its competent companies that is why we do not just do the printing and manufacturing job but we do it with precision. All the products that we produce are manufactured considering the requirements of the business. Our experts know their job perfectly well and they are always determined to provide you with the highest quality of products that can fulfill your needs for the business that you run.

Marketing Essentials

No business sector in the world can deny the necessity of marketing and promotion as it is the only thing that keeps your presence in the market alive and fresh in the minds of potential consumers and gets new customers for your business as well. We understand that requirements of the marketing and promotions and to cater to these needs, we have target-oriented and objective solutions. The solutions that we offer for such needs include designing and printing brochures, flyers, posters, and banners that can be used to get the attention of the targeted audience. We can design these marketing solutions for your business from scratch as well as modify an existing one following the latest trends. The design, size, printing, typography, and the material of these marketing solutions are completely customizable according to the requirements of your business. It does not matter how large or small a business you are running, the marketing solutions that we offer can help you to grow the business on any scale from smaller to larger. These brochures, flyers, posters, and banners are equally beneficial for those who have just stepped into some business filed as well as those who have been dealing with the trade for a long time.

Labels and stickers

Labels and stickers are a vital part of the marketing and promotional strategy of any business. But that is not all about them since they can also be used as decorative tools to make a place, interior or exterior, closed or open, wide or narrow, look amazingly outstanding. They are mostly associated with kids but the truth is they are equally attractive for adults and grown-ups only if they are designed and printed properly. Premium Boxes understands this perfectly well and considering this we manufacture these stickers and labels with highly durable material that is not only long-lasting in terms of sticking but also the colors and printing on them. The stickers and labels that we manufacture come with a 100 percent freedom of choosing the desired size, design, and printing style.

Clothing and bags

Although, printing on the clothes such as shirts, caps, lingerie, socks, gloves, and many other items is not a new trend we at Premium Boxes do it better, faster, cheaper, and sharper than anyone. Not only clothing items but also bags that are made with fabric are printed, dyed, and finished at Premium Boxes with high standards. We understand it as a matter of fact that whether it is clothing or bags, they are, anyway, to be used by humans. We highly recommend organic and eco-friendly fabric as well as its printing but if the customers insist otherwise we can do that with precision as well. Being premium printing service providers, we claim that the printing experience that you will have with us will compel you to come back to us again and again.

Signs and banners

Signs and banners are an integral part of any business even if you are running a non-profit organization. Signs and banners are the things that make you known in the market especially when you are dealing in a market full of competition. Our expert designers can help you to get the most exquisite and striking design of the signs and banners. The banners and signs that we design will surely take your business to new heights because when they say, “seeing is believing”, they say it for an obvious reason that the customers get attracted to your brand when they see something striking enough that can grab their attention and hold their sight. The banners that we manufacture come in various designs and sizes and they are made with highly durable material that can bear environmental conditions perfectly well.

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