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At Premium Boxes, we value the privacy of our clients concerning the data that we collect; it's sharing, cookies, and tracking process. Submitting this information is necessary for all the clients that visit our web site and want to do business with us. Some of the information is collected when the customers are online at our web site while some are collected when they are offline. The purpose of collecting such information is to provide our clients with the finest quality of services each time they visit our web portal.
The customers who visit our web portal are asked about the collection of information and its utilization according to the privacy policy of the company. When we say Privacy Policy, it means we are referring to the process through which we collect information, how we process it, what is our stance about any concern related to the policy, limitations, and resolution of any argument about privacy. Premium Boxes understands the value of privacy and the concerns of the clients in this regard, and that is why we have described our privacy policy here.

The Data We Collect

We gather some information directly from the customers, and at the same time, some of the information is gathered mechanically through our system when the customers visit our web site.
The data we gather from clients directly: We gather information from our clients directly when they are about to do business with us. We ask for their names and contact information for the business that includes a phone number, email address, and mailing address mainly.
The data we gather from web site visitors: We gather information from people who visit our web site. The data that we collect from the visitors includes the statistics about how one goes through our web portal. If some visitor is interested in doing business with us and wants to get a free quotation, we ask some additional facts to verify their identity. This data includes the name of the visitor, their contact details, including phone number and email address, and also the services that they are looking for.
The data we gather mechanically: We gather some of the information about the visitors mechanically in order to have a better insight and ultimately ensuring that only the best services are being provided to the customers. We use cookies and other tools to collect the information that includes; your IP address, the name of your domain, the type of the browser that you use, how long have you stayed on our web portal, the pages at our web site that you have opened, the links on our web site that you have clicked on, and the link that lead you to us, if there is any. This information collaborates with the other information that we have got from you directly.

How we process the data collected

The data that we collect from you, including directly and mechanically collected, is used for the following purposes.
To make communication with our customers better, smoother, and quicker.
To make sure that the clients, visiting our web site, get the services that they are looking for.
To do the formalities that are required for generating a quote for the packaging and printing services.
To have a better understanding of how customers get to us, what they seek at our web portal and their responses to certain products and services.
To ensure the protection of the customers as well as our company to avoid any legal inconvenience that is usually part of any business deal.
To take necessary safety measures and precautions in order to prevent any untoward situation and avoid spams.
To make sure that each visitor and stakeholder complies with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

To whom we share the data collected

We share the data collected from you with certain stakeholders. These stakeholders include;
Business Associates: We may share the data collected from you with our business associates as well as our subsidiaries. However, their use of the data is subjected to the Privacy Policy that we have.
Business relocations: If we are, due to any certain reason, relocating our business or merging it with another organization, we may and will share your data with them.
To respond to any legal proceeding: We may use the data collected from you to respond to any legal proceeding where we find it necessary or inevitable.
To keep us and you safe: We may share the data if we find it necessary to keep our as well as your business interest safe and unharmed. The possible threats that we might want to counter include; safety of the person and organization, defilement of our terms and conditions, any possible spam or fraud, any other potential risk.
Comprehensive and anonymous information: We might share your comprehensive and anonymous data with third parties for marketing, advertising, or research that might be beneficial to you, the third party, or both.

Our use of cookies

Premium Boxes and its associating third party service providing companies use cookies and tracking processes to keep track of the visitors using our web portal. The data that we collect from cookies is either combined by the third party providing services to us on our behalf or by us. Data collected by cookies are of two types that are session cookies and persistent cookies.
Session cookies: Such cookies last only during the online session. They vanish from your device the moment your online session is over, and you shut down the device, be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, or any other gadget that you might be using to access the internet. This makes it possible for us to track the online activities that you have done at our web site during your visit to our web portal.
Persistent cookies: Such cookies last on your device after the online session is over and shut it down. Such cookies help us to gather statistical data about your online activates and share it with the third parties for advertising and promotional purposes.

Disabling cookies

Usually, the web browsers accept cookies from the web sites, but that can be turned off partially or wholly. You can change the settings of the browser for accepting cookies in the future. The help section of the browser that you are using can guide you through how you can turn that off. Turning off the cookies might result in denial of access to certain areas of our web site. That is why we encourage our visitors to turn on or accept the cookies while they are visiting our web site so that they can get access to all parts of the web site.

Securing personal information

We carry out extreme safety measures and precautions to keep your data protected from any possible misuse, unofficial access, amendment, and loss. However, we would like to give it as a gentle reminder that no safety measures in the world can guarantee 100 percent of the security of the data collected from the clients. To prevent this at any step, we would encourage you to show concern and make sure no unauthorized access is done through your password, phone number, computer, and any other way. Do not keep your accounts logged in on a shared computer, and do not keep your password predictable. Following these steps might help you as well as us to keep your data protected and avoid any untoward situation.

Contact us

After going through the Privacy Policy, if there is anything that is left unclear to you, feel free to contact us and share your concerns with us. You can dial our 24/7 customers care number or write to us at [email protected]

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