Premium Boxes offers free of cost shipping of packaging and printing solutions across the United States of America and Canada. Since we provide packaging and printing services to the customers not only in the United States of America and Canada but also to other regions of the world, we have shipping policy for them as well. Read our shipping policy below to have a better insight into the process and its terms and conditions. 

Standard Turnaround

The standard time of an order to be delivered at your doorstep is 12 to 15 days. Please note that the time period starts right after the confirmation of the order. This 12 to 15 days turnaround time is our standard time and we make all-out effort to deliver the order at your doorstep. The standard delivery time includes working days only, weekends or general holidays are excluded from this time period. 

Expedite delivery

We understand completely that our customers might need the packaging and printing solutions on an urgent basis due to any certain reasons. To facilitate them in such a scenario, we offer an expedited delivery that promises the delivery of the desired products at your doorstep in just 4 to 6 days after placement of order. Please note that this 4 to 6 days delivery time is of working days only. Weekends or general holidays do not count in it. 

Free shipping conditions

Premium Boxes offer free shipping on ordering the packaging and printing solutions at a certain quantity. A minimum of 100 pieces of the products is a must to avail of the commodity of free shipping. If your order is less than this fixed quantity, you will have to pay for standard shipping charges. Please note that if your home address is of some remote area where direct delivery is not possible, you will have to bear standard delivery charges in that case as well. 

Shipping outside USA & Canada

Shipping across the United States of America and Canada is free for cost because of our collaboration with domestic courier services that help us in the timely delivery of the package at the doorstep of the customers. On the contrary, shipping to the other regions of the world needs special arrangements and pricing according to the region where the package is to be delivered. That is why customers from outside the USA and Canada have to bear the shipping expenses. We will not burden you with a lot of charges, instead, we will try our best to get your package delivered at the most reasonable delivery fee. 

Why business days only?

We make sure that our customers know that the delivery time that we promise includes only business or working days. Weekends and public holidays of any kind, local or national, do not include in that time period. While you are placing an order, please consider any upcoming short or long holidays that might affect the delivery of the packaging and printing products.

Return policy

There are some terms and conditions that come under our return policy. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully in order to get a better understanding of them.

  • Since at Premium Boxes we manufacture the packaging solutions according to the requirements of the customers, we highly appreciate your feedback if the packages are not according to the requirements that you did specify while placing the order. In case of any partial or whole inaccuracy, file a complaint to the company at [email protected] within three (03) days of receiving the order. It is better if you submit the evidence of the difference between the placed order and the received one. If the said issue is found true, the company is liable to send you a free re-print of the order.
  • The re-print will be offered after the evaluation of the quality assurance cell of Premium Boxes. For this, the customer will have to send the faulty consignment back to the company where the quality assurance team will examine the issue reported by the customer. The customer will have to bear the charges of sending the consignment back to the company. If the fault is found at the end of the company, the customer will get a free reprint of the job within 7 working days.
  • If the order is damaged due to any inattention by the company, you can claim a re-print of the order as well. Please note that if the damaged is caused by any unavoidable natural tragedy, the company is not liable to pay the damage cost at all.
  • Please note that a full refund of the amount paid for the job is not an option since the job is done specifically considering your preferences.
  • If the customers want to get their money refunded, they will have to send the printed job back to the company’s address. After receiving the job, the company will pay back the customer after deducting the expenses of printing setup charges and standard shipping rates of the consignment.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding shipping or its terms & conditions, feel free to write to us at [email protected] or you can also dial our 24/7 customer care number. 

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