Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are designed by The Premium Boxes to ensure the safety and protection of its assets as well as the stakeholders that include the customers and business associates mainly. The Premium Boxes reserves the right to modify and alter these Terms and Conditions over a period of time without any prior intimation to any of the customers, stakeholders, and business associates. That is why it is highly recommended that you keep visiting the page time and again to stay updated about any changes.
The Premium Boxes can share the data that is required for the production of order with its business associates in order to get the job done in time. We do not sell or share the information with any third party that is not related to us or our business. However, The Premium Boxes reserves the rights of displaying the designs in order to exhibit the skills and expertise that we possess for designing and styling of packaging and printing solutions.


By visiting our web site, the users agree that the copyrights of the information, statistical and explanatory data, images, infographics, maps, designs, and any other data is the sole property of The Premium Boxes. All this data is termed as ‘Our content’ and any copying, republishing, alteration, storing, and spreading without the consent of the owners of The Premium Boxes is strictly not allowed.

Users conduct

The customers are the sole responsible for any type of material shared with us for the use of their packaging or printing solutions. All types of material including audio, video, images, graphics, infographics, content, logo, tagline, product name, or any other thing that the customers want us to use for their printing or packaging solutions are completely their responsibility. The Premium Boxes does not hold any liability for the copyrights violations if it happens so for such purposes by any customer. The Premium Boxes also gives no guarantee of the legitimacy or morality of the material given by the customers. The Premium Boxes is also not liable for any material on the web site that you might term as offensive, disrespectful or improper as we have no authority over the material that is shared with us by our customers. The Premium Boxes also reserves the right to remove any content or material partially or wholly that it may find indecent, unlawful, disrespectful, or offensive.
It is solely the moral responsibility of the customers to provide only authentic and organic information about them and their companies. Our web site is designed to serve and be used by humans only and no mechanical or automated ways should be adopted to use its services. Any violation found against that limit can and will be considered as an illegal activity and judiciary action can and will be taken against the accused involved.
If you want to sign up with us for a business and want us to manufacture packaging or printing solutions for you, you need to declare that we have the right to manufacture it on your behalf and anything that might be termed as unlawful, unethical or offensive would solely be your responsibility.
You are responsible to protect your password and login information. In case of any happening, the company cannot be held accountable for any loss. Any loss of information, capital, design or anything confidential will solely be your responsibility if it is done from your end.
The Premium Boxes may ask you to provide some basic information in order to avail of services. The nature of data required for several services can be different from one another. The company reserves the right to ask you additional information for the confirmation of your identity and originality.

Payments and taxation

The prices of all the products and services at our web site are in US dollars and we receive the payment in the same currency. The company will not start working on your requested order unless it gets the payment in full that may be due on your side. The payment may include taxes, shipping charges, and any other, if applicable. The company receives payments only through authentic sources for the payment.

Tax applied

The Premium Boxes is an Illinois based company, the customers ordering from within the same state have to pay sales tax along with the price of the products or services. If a customer has any tax exemption, they have to prove it by providing their tax exemption certificate.

Zero responsibility for errors

Although the chances for these are next to zero The Premium Boxes cannot be held responsible for the errors such as;

  • Any difference in the final size of the product
  • Excessive printing mistakes
  • Spelling and punctuation mistakes in text
  • Spelling and punctuation mistakes in graphics
  • Cracking in folds
  • Die lines and cropping marks

Please note that all the packaging solutions are shipped to the customers in a flat shape.

Over and underruns

The Premium Boxes usually delivers an additional amount of the packaging solutions that are more than the requested amount by the customers. This additional amount of the packaging is delivered to the customers free of cost. The additional amount that we deliver is 5 percent of the actual amount. In case of any underrun, the company will decrease the amount of the delivered items.

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