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Payment  Methods

We always make sure that our customers go through secure and reliable payment choices. We generally offer the following options in this regard: 

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa Card
  • American Express
  • Wires and Cheques

If you are aware of any of the above options already, you need not worry at all, as you will instantly go through the payment process. You can choose from any one of these options at your convenience.

Please note that all the prices of the products are in USD. Therefore, we only accept payment in the same currency. Besides, you must follow the following instructions when you want to pay for your order:

  • Add items to the cart and go through the list carefully
  • Click on the button for order confirmation
  • Select the payment method from the mentioned options
  • Enter your account details carefully
  • Enter the total amount of your order
  • Click on the “Send Money” button and answer all the questions asked
  • Once we receive the amount, you will get a confirmation message or e-mail from us


Today, people prefer online shopping. Therefore, payments through mobile applications are the current need. We only accept payments that are sent from the options mentioned above. Please read the following guide to have detailed information about the payment processes associated with us. 

Go to the website and look for your desired products. Add items to the cart and go through the whole list carefully. See the final amount and select the payment options per your convenience. Confirm the order and add your account details. Add your contact details too so that we could send the confirmation message or e-mail. 

As soon as we get the payment, we will send you a confirmation text and move forward with the order processing. We make sure that our payment methods are smooth, secure, and fully reliable, and you can trust us for your money. 


You can only cancel your order within the first four hours after the confirmation. If you intend to cancel your order after this time limit, you will have to pay some amount as the cancellation fee. In normal circumstances, it is usually 10% of the total amount.

Moreover, if there are any changes in the total bill, we will notify you at the earliest. It happens if you want to add more custom options or you want some additional changes in the order.

Lastly, if the ordered products are no longer available, we will discuss a suitable alternative option with you that sits well with the interests of our customers.