Call Back

We know the value of customer satisfaction in a business, and we make sure to keep our clients satisfied in the best possible manner. We offer a comprehensive return policy for our customers if a mishap occurs during the order processing and delivery process.

You can let us know if there is an issue with the delivered products. If you find any problems with the order or you don’t see the required customization or printing features, please let us know at the earliest. You can call us at (886)-472-5540, or you can send us an e-mail at

We must be informed within the first three days after the delivery of your order. A refund of money is not the option, but we do offer the option of re-printing if the fault is at our end. This offer is only valid if the company is at fault for the observed issue.

Once you share the issues with us, our team will inspect the order in an efficient manner to know about the potential defects and faults. In addition, the received order must be sent back to us within a total of seven working days if you want any changes. You must also send digital proof (photographs or a short video) of the observed deficiencies and faults. We will go through the order details and accept the mistake if the inconvenience is happened due to our negligence.

However, if the fault is at the customer’s side and they still want a refund, they will have to send us the whole order back within seven working days. The shipping charges and the production costs would be deducted, and the remaining amount will be sent back to the customer as a refund.